Profoundism Art Movement | Lucrative offer
75 Gigapixel of The Old Man for God
7 Gigapixel Mary Magdalene
21 Gigapixel Total renovation of Girl with a Pearl Earring
Now Koorosh Orooj has a lucrative offer for you:
If you can market for these unique works of art in the world, you will undoubtedly own 10% of the 1,500 billion and 800 million Euros (€) and... without any formalities.
So if you are interested, find the wisest and richest art lovers in the world and help sell the first works of the new style of Profoundism and be the only intermediary for the exclusive sale of works of this style in the world.
By doing this, thanks to God Almighty, you will always receive 1% from the sale of any other work of art and will continue.
Thank you
Lucrative offer