7 Gigapixel Mary Magdalene | For sale to the wise
For sale to the wise
Painting in memory of Mary Magdalene
The world's first infrastructure painting to showcase the Profoundism art movement

The Berlin Codex: Then Mary wept

In this painting, Mary Magdalene is seen with her eyes closed, as if she had turned a blind eye to all the slanders of ignorant people and may have forgiven them. (Then Mary wept, and answered him: 'My brother Peter, what can you be thinking?)

The real face of Maria Magdalena

There are many legends about the character of Maria Magdalena. However, they have little to do with the truth contained in the pages of the Gospels. In these religious articles entitled: The Real Face of Mary Magdalene, this painting is used to show the true character of Mary Magdalene

Koorosh Orooj (Founder of Profoundism new art movment)
This painting appeared in 1997 by Koorosh Orooj, with the technique of oil painting and greasy pastels, on dark cardboard with dimensions of 31x46 cm. Then in 2016 he released a large digital version of this painting in the style of Profoundism.
Dimensions of digital profoundism version 7 gigapixel and is 20 GB (2645.83 cm × 3527.78 cm) (1041.667 in × 1388.889 in). In this video, some details of the digital version of Mary Magdalene's painting, which can be seen in the style of Profoundism:
Mary Magdalene-Clip
Koorosh Orooj
Mary Magdalene
Koorosh Orooj
Details of Mary Magdalene's eye painting
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Koorosh Orooj
Mary Magdalene
Oil and greasy pastels on dark cardboard

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Original 20 GB file of this digital profoundism artwork stored on a portable SSD will be sent to the buyer. On this SSD will be the real signature of Koorosh Orooj, which guarantees the authenticity of the digital file for the buyer.
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